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Paritsa Hotel- Committed to Safety and Health

Paritsa Hotel is returning back in operation and welcoming visitors from June 30th 2020.
The well-being of our guests, our associates and our staff is our absolute priority, and you can be assured that health and safety has our complete attention.

With the most demanding hygiene and safety procedures that were imposed now more than ever, the team is ready to welcome our guests with the warmest Greek hospitality.

Health and Safety Protocols

Action plan
The Hotel has developed an action plan and individual protocols for each department of the hotel to take measures, manage any suspected Covid-19 cases in order to prevent and limit the spread of the virus to staff and guests.
The action plan is in compliance with Greece’s and International health organizations’ guidelines and will be revised accordingly.
In line with the plan, the Health & Safety Coordinator of the hotel will supervise and ensure that the protocol is being followed and a doctor will be cooperating with the hotel, who will act on the in-structions of Health Authorities.

Hotel staff
    All staff members:

  • Are trained on practices for cleaning and disinfecting identified spots, on following hygiene rules to avoid transmitting the virus (frequent hand washing, avoiding handshakes, physical distanc-ing, avoiding contact of hands with eyes,
    nose and mouth and respiratory hygiene).
  • Are aware of how the Covid-19 virus is transmitted and able to provide information to guests.
  • Are provided with personal protective equipment. (masks, gloves, face shields, waterproof aprons etc.).
  • Undergo thermal screening before every shift.

Front Desk

  • Extension of duration of check-out and check-in times between stays (check out by 11am and check in from 3pm) so that rooms can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and aired out through natural ventilation.
  • Antiseptic is available at all times.
  • Keys sterilization after each use.
  • Designated distances.
  • Plexiglass window has been placed at reception.
  • Frequent disinfection of reception desk.
  • All team members are fully trained and capable to inform guests on the hotel’s rules and the new measures taken.
  • Staff is fully trained and capable to identify Covid-19 symptoms and report them to the health coordinator.
  • The Hotel provides information leaflets on basic health instructions and useful coronavirus-information.
  • A medical kit is always available, which includes disposable gloves and masks, antiseptic

Housekeeping (Rooms, Public Areas)

  • Improved disinfection and deep cleaning practices have been implemented in accordance to Health Organization’s instructions.
  • Steam appliance is used to clean all fabric surfaces.
  • In addition to the normal cleaning procedures, the public areas, the main entrance, reception, door handles, counter tops, tables, handrails, elevator knobs and other “high-frequency touch points” are being sanitized and disinfected frequently.
  • Individual antiseptic gel is provided to each room on the arrival.
  • Wash all linens at a high temperature for optimal disinfection.
  • Improve air circulation processes to increase air quality.
  • Hand sanitizers are present in all public areas.
  • Shared multi-purpose items such as menus, books, etc. have been removed from public areas.
  • Display door hanger with cleaning and disinfecting information.

Restaurant & Bar
The Hotel operates in accordance with HACCP regulations (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing food safety related risk.

  • According to the government rules, one customer per two square meters is allowed in our restau-rant and cafes.
    The maximum number of customers per table is six people. There is no limit in case of a family with minors.
  • Buffet breakfast is suspended. Breakfast will be served on an A la carte basis on the terrace./li>